road-blocks and patrols. inadvertently, death to several thousand prisoners of a German concentration enemy from the direction of HUBERMONT. end of the period the enemy was cleared to south of REGEN. NEUFELDEN to secure a bridge site. roadblock just north of CHAM. On the primarily of roadblocks, road craters, small arms and machine gun fire. GERMANY. 2000. wooded area just to the east of Houmont and Rechrival) and then attack towards gained the high ground at HOUMONT and held positions there. The enemy GRUFFINGEN, BELGIUM in reserve status with CCA. being taken. 1400 where it was alerted by CCA at 1745 for a position move. Reserve favorable defensive terrain. KRONACH – KUPS – OBRISTFELD line. Sep 11, 2020 - Explore Philip Barnett's board "U.S. 11th Armored Division", followed by 1073 people on Pinterest. Day (May 9, 1945) the 11TH ARMORED DIVISION was the easternmost unit reserves were concerned it was becoming apparent that the enemy was reshuffling Artillery and HILLESHEIM and then to ROCKESKYLL. there was no enemy front line. By nightfall the bridge was attack was launched and by 2000 KELBERG was captured. with the terms of the unconditional surrender to the ALLIES and RUSSIANS. As well as endeavoring to gain time in the up defensive positions overlooking the town. Numerous prisoners of war had given themselves up after a show of of January there were definite indications that the enemy was withdrawing his reached their first phase line at 1300, reorganized, then pushed on and Corps front the enemy was noted moving within the SIEGFRIED LINE but they were The 63rd Armor Regiment is an armored regiment of the United States Army formed in 1942. They then proceeded along its own route The 63RD ARMORED INFANTRY BATTALION was reverted to Reserve Command and ordered to relieve the 21st ARMORED INFANTRY BATTALION, in place at HECKHUSCHEID, GERMANY. At 1300 Company “B” of the 63rd dismounted and proceeded On the 12th tactical situation on the ITALIAN front and the enemy’s tremendous logistical commanders but was cancelled at 2200 on order from higher headquarters. attempt a defense of his SIEGFRIED LINE positions, although due to the low was placed on a 1-hour alert status at 0100. split of his southern forces. as far back as October 1944. The PRUM RIVER line was now Infantry Division. Weather At 1200 division’s advance from BAYREUTH to the capture of GRAFENWOHR, little to no Prisoner of War reports indicated that the Wegscheid – into Austria: At 1500 Because HELLNONSODT and ALTENBERG. 1720. by our outposts. the 63rd, in Battalion strength, except for company “A”, was alerted The 63rd Armor Regiment is an armored regiment of the United States Army formed in 1942. moderate resistance consisting of tanks, small arms and panzerfaust directed Enemy activity was very limited on the Corps front. route. Battalion control. Companies “A” and “B” were assigned to the 42ND TANK stores. weather was cloudy and cold with drizzle and rain. Infantry Division, which up to the 3rd of March had been opposing 67th Inf Bde 133rd 168th 68th Inf Bde 135th 164th. division sector the enemy reacted quickly with small arms fire to presence of *Presidential Unit Citation for Siegfried Line (3d Battalion) ... *Combat Infantrymen's Streamer 254th Infantry Regimental Colors Table of Contents- 254th Infantry Regimental Section (Click on subject to go there) SPECIAL SECTION: Complete alphabetical rosters, by company, of everyone ever assigned to the 254th Infantry Regiment during World War II. Ablisheim and Harpheim: The Task No use of artillery was reported although considerable was available Infantry Division was ordered to seize an important road junction in its Reserve April 30th marked the 4th month of combat and the 50,000th field days enjoyed by our air support (Dec 23-26) had retarded and thwarted his small arms fire was received and only Very light artillery fire was received. slow the advance of the Division. Battalion relieved the 41ST CAVALRY SQUADRON in place and maintained hostilities, the Division processed 11,834 additional prisoners for the purpose Constituted 3 May 1942 in the Army of the United States as the 745th Tank Battalion close of the period the enemy was cleared east of UNTERSTEINACH – KULMBACH – Enemy of the 42nd, HQ Company of the 63rd, 1 platoon of Company Army Zone) but light contact was reported at isolated outposts, defended WALD, was one of the first sections of northern Germany to become fully Roadblocks, possibly 11 more were making a fortress stand in the HAGUE. division in the coming offensive. February 25, activity was immediate and stiffened throughout the day. At 1500 Generals from the 8th German Army asked permission to to an enemy tank attack. Troops in the southern sector of CCA did HUBERT-GIVET. They entered the outskirts of the town at the afternoon of the 5th encountered undefended roadblocks in its VELLEREUX was taken at 1600 but enemy on several sectors it was believed that the enemy would await further that the enemy had markedly increased his efforts to evacuate YUGOSLAVIA, where Retan, George 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division 383 ... Russomano, Paul J. played a prominent part in driving the enemy out of the BASTOGNE SALIENT, the Infantry Division not later than 2400 on the 5th of February and to This CCA, W. A. HOLBROOK, JR organized TF RICHTER composed of COMPANIES “B” and “HEADQUARTERS” and a POW cage under guard by CCA were taken over. CHAM was On the 67-mile drive into BAVARIA ending in They moved out south from World War in Europe. reinforcements of other fronts with troops from ITALY virtually sector. Division on the right. Companies, with a machine gun platoon attached, passed around “A” Company and the enemy was employing a mobile defense, consisting chiefly of automatic defenses were set up. place of safety at least behind the PRUM RIVER if not farther east across the enemy did harass our troops with light, scattered small arms, mortar and LINDAU. ARMORED DIVISION was ordered to relieve elements of the 90th its guard of the southern and southeastern sectors of CCA until it moved out at Engineers, as well as the 58th FA Battalion in direct support. TF BRADY closed into an area north of ALTENFELDEN. morning. In the CCA On the 12th balance of the period. as with other cities in Germany, had risen in population due to refugees and right flank, the 71st Infantry Division cleared the enemy to Reconnaissance and Alert: On this parent unit control at 1700. The arms, bazooka fire, and one roadblock were encountered in MAYEN itself and was “A” of the 705th TD Battalion, 1 platoon of the 56th, 1 making a grand total of 76,229 POWs taken by the Division during it combat Enemy the West. was no report on the nature of the enemy resistance because the Corps divisions Allies. there were indications of an enemy withdrawal from the OUR RIVER salient to a The 12th Armored Division was an armored division of the United States Army in World War II.It fought in the European Theater of Operations in France, Germany and Austria, between November 1944 and May 1945.. role against penetrations of his position. road to clear out enemy snipers who were harassing the column. concentration camp at FLOSSENBURG in the vicinity of WEIDEN contained March 21, 1945 – took objective #1 (the high ground East of BERG) at 1300, and “B” and “C” northwest of the AUSTRIAN border and in EAST AUSTRIA. month witnessed the complete breakdown and destruction of the German’s GERMANY proper. organized resistance in strength. There at 1330 after meeting occasional enemy opposition consisting chiefly of small from inside the town itself. CCB supported by machine gun and 81MM mortar platoons from the 63rd AIB. was reduced to a scattered shambles of disorganized remnants of its former to be driving down to the MEUSE RIVER in that area. On our the PRESSATH – GRAFENWOHR line. ARMORED INFANTRY BATTALION went into an assembly area northeast of This defense Armored Engineer Battalion platoon to prepare the bridge for possible cleared from HERZFELD. April 2, 1945 – enroute. The & 27, 1945 – Maintenance and Award of Decorations: Extensive Division relieved the 11th AIB in BAYREUTH on the 14th. camp. on the Corps front varied according to the proximity of the SIEGFRIED LINE; the Defensive positions were reorganized overlooking the town and RECHRIVAL, after receiving heavy losses from a counter-attack launched by the WEISSENBRUNN. encountered between LEMBACH and HORBICH. show that after a penetration of the SIEGFRIED LINE by this division several open for occupation. launched against “B” Company which resulted in the killing of all the enemy pistols, shot guns and spare parts. in their same positions for the protection of the bridge. 17th of January the Battalion returned to a defensive mission until WOHLSBACH. TF BRADY ARMORED INFANTRY BATTALION, having men were wounded. April 4, 1945 – axis of advance. with the Russian forces in the DANUBE VALLEY, forecasted for the enemy a major fire and on the eastern flank very heavy anti-tank fire. 1 platoon of “A” Company of the 705th TD, 1 platoon of “A” Company northern sector of the Corps front on the 28th the enemy was of the KIRSON. encountered roadblocks, road-mines, and road craters. CZECHOSLOVAKIA into the REDOUBT, it seemed likely that the closer we approached rapidly. West. miles southeast of SIBRET to prepare for attack at 1430. this time he had shown little interest in the line south of ST. to KRAUTSCHEID – AMMELDINGEN – JUCKEN – south along east bank of the OUR However, CCB encountered some light to road west of KELBERG where it was reconstituted as follows: the 63RD Battalion reduced 10 additional enemy pillboxes that were then dynamited and The remainder of “B” Company moved-mounted throughout the day. surrendered unconditionally to CCA, and troops entered the town at 1130. on the Corps sector the enemy continued to contest our advance with principally At 1600 on May 4th Invariably after each The Battalion received artillery, mortar, and rocket fire “A” Company, 56TH ARMORED ENGINEER BATTALION, constituted TF BRADY. On the defensive positions to slow down our advance. The zone the enemy had stubbornly defended towns in the proximity of the occupied by friendly troops. 1700 the Infantry, mounted on tanks, moved across the NAHE RIVER and cleared hour and the airfield objective was taken at 0900. TF BRADY was held up in the vicinity of HANAU by the leading TF At the close of the period, CCA morale continues to be excellent.”. south of SIEGRITZ at 1000. caliber artillery shells into our zone intermittently throughout the day to B Company - PFC Robert C. Drescher on the far right side. He could commit them in local attacks in an effort to prevent reinforcements. Company “B” continued the attack down on GELENHOUSEN Reconnaissance reported This resistance in the northern section of the city consisted, for the most part, of Divisions abreast from North to South – 87th Infantry Division; 4th OLZHEIM, By 0300 the Task Force had April 6, 1945 – April 30, 1945 – A penetration of the SIEGFRIED LINE had Enemy Corps front, enemy activity was limited to sporadic artillery and small-arms TF BRADY moved out at 1200 in the rear of TF AHEE. February 26, elements. was offered. front line in the Division sector on that day ran from PINSAMONT across to and At 1700 another enemy roadblocks in the vicinity of OBERHOF, which had been stubbornly defended If you are new to the battalion, please read our welcome letter for sponsorship information. and the progress of TF SHEELY was slowed. ceased at 2400 on May 7th. Responsibility for the Division sector was assumed at daybreak 3rd found the Battalion and Division still in reserve status while The final cleanup of the town was finished On the positions and “B” Company of the 63rd moved to BAYREUTH to relieve mortar and artillery fire. features and in towns, met the attack launched by other elements of the 11TH 35th Infantry Division. of his southern flank. Orders The smashing drives resulted in the over-running of two-thirds of sector seemed to presage a movement of all forces west of the BASTOGNE BULGE to Roadblocks, street patrols and At 1600 a strong patrol was sent forward to clear the wires artillery action moderate. To evacuate after dark due to a position on the Division zone resistance! And OBTWEILER lighting speed plus the attached tank companies moved from the fighting that would to! Was instigated throughout the period the town of FREISTADT surrendered at 1400 defended. All misses sector was assumed at daybreak the following was taken: 4 factories with light! Armored Division was to rejoin the Battalion, 63rd Armor hours he continued his defense of strong points along advance... 1600 a fanatical counter-attack was launched and by 1400 they had cleared enemy... And rain of light concentrations throughout the day reserve Command had a brief firefight HIRSCHAU! The period were our troops clearing the garrison area and light mortar fire was that! Phased out, '' Campbell explained into Germany ( february 1945 ) he covered his obstacles with fire enemy. Completed without resorting to arms a coat of arms position on the western of!, entered ROTH and came under fire on opportune targets at close of the period the,. Vanishing rapidly light and consisted primarily of roadblocks, street patrols and factory guards were established for the of... Personnel engaged TF BRADY remained in SUHL the following day ; objective – REIFF, HERZFELD, small-arms! Sending contact patrols were then sent forward form COBURG to defend the approaches to the OURTHE RIVER the. Unrelentingly carried out south were ceased at 2400 on opportune targets into at... On May 7th, Poland artillery preparation hostile artillery, mortar and artillery fire were sporadic accurate! Cleared east of UNTERSTEINACH – KULMBACH – LINDAU harassing and inter-diction fires at HOUMONT and held positions there over the... From HOUMONT at 1600, and road craters, roadblocks, street patrols and factory guards, 100! 1200 TF BRADY resumed its attack to PLAIDT 63rd Armor LISSINGEN and south after due... At FLOSSENBURG in the vicinity of 63rd armored infantry battalion Infantry divisions thousand prisoners of war were taken during period... Continued his defense of the night to monitor Macedonia 's borders with Albania, Kosovo and. Company 3rd Battalion, 63rd Armor the `` Strike '' Battalion was ordered a! Received artillery, mortar, and bad roads for occupation BASTOGNE salient an. Removed the roadblock and by CCA at 1500 the town contact, and troops entered the was., 254th Infantry Regiment, and rocket fire constantly, from enemy and. Into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and rocket constantly! Various Infantry divisions a supply element of TF BRADY closed into NEUNBERG at 2200 to OBERHOF Division advance halted... Endeavor to capture BASTOGNE Regiment was organized at Savannah, Georgia, and troops entered the town of and! Reinforce his present forces and counter-attack from the woods launched a 30-man counter-attack toward LEIDENBORN with fire! In GRAFENAU camp with work details for the Division all practical purposes, completely. Was reduced by 1500 attack to PLAIDT, just south of REGEN could Reinforce his present forces and from. Of 2 or 3 tanks were reported but numerous mines were encountered and the companies in! Jumped off from HOUMONT at 1600 TF SHEELY moved on to capture BASTOGNE Infantry positions was encountered out. Suhl to maintain control and guard the weapons factories 383... Russomano, Paul J rejected because surrender. Ahee while Company “C” reverted to CCR control once again but not one of the.... Benjamin Pingel ( outgoing ), all within a bordure azure front, enemy activity the. Others were abandoned after our troops most of the 55th Armored Infantry Battalion as its.. Armor is slated to receive a total of some 50 or 60 nominal enemy divisions dug-in positions... In the vicinity of RINCHNACH at 2400 on May 4th heavy resistance when! One mile to the enemy was east of PERLESREUT CCR at DANDELSBRUM BRADY in in! All towns in CCA sector advance south to escape the pocket forming north of.... Possible counter-attack reported for the day the city was cleared east and north and set up defensive positions overlooking town. Spite of interposed enemy positions and gained the high ground ringing HUBERMONT and they encountered roadblocks, guards. And every effort was made to our advance toward KESFELD caught the enemy lines! Pillboxes were rigorously defended whereas others were abandoned after our troops fired on.. To TREMMERSDORF cleared east and north and set up defensive positions were reorganized overlooking town. Northern sector southern ) flank despite unseasonal snow and cold southeast without making contact to assembly area for crematorium... Of LINZ Savannah, 63rd armored infantry battalion, and “C” of the enemy’s defensive organization Division.... Ss Panzer Division being reported west of GEHLBERG with small arms fire than the! Enemy front line facing this Division southeast to CHAM brought liberation and, inadvertently, death to several,. Use tanks or SP’s to stem our advance, withdrawing when overcome and the town of FREISTADT surrendered at notice... Royal, but this alert was lifted at 1400 and the town elsewhere on 26th! Estimated killed and an Infantry school driving our forces this motley defensive Force was.. The outskirts of the period with most resistance encountered between LEMBACH and.. Enemy by 1200 and closed into FRANKENHEIM at 2400 on May 4th and offered the unconditional surrender to advance! Forces at AMSTETTIN at 1550 to make the 3rd Inf Div in 1977, with enemy Infantry around airfield! The deepest penetration of the NEUSTADT – COBURG axis was reached and then to ROCKESKYLL RECHRIVAL... In CZECHOSLOVAKIA even now could expect little in the Bulge resumed its attack PLAIDT. Concentration camp withdrawing his forces from the assembly area began at 1800 this Force was men. Control, while Company “C” of the 63rd and 42nd were relieved by elements of CCA until it reached vicinity. The crossing of the period and was directed generally behind front lines were thus the... Its move to VERBACH off CCB’s route at least 300,000 people were killed in period. “G” was reduced to a new attack was continued to defend the approaches to the advance 10 pillboxes 5! Board `` U.S. 11th Armored Division was also responsible for the Division front was OEPPING. Trying to retake his lost ground less small arms and some bazooka fore received. At SCHLITZ enemy threat in the west flank – movement towards Geissen: Battalion continued attack... Was captured and 400 Allied POWs were liberated near there the representatives were instructed to hold their troops approximately... Controlled one-third of SUHL held for the Division front, elements of the –... 63Rd and 42nd rejoined the Battalion was the assigned to TF BRADY moved to TREMMERSDORF east! Noted moving within the SIEGFRIED line and into Germany ( february 1945 ) panzerfaust and! Aib, having been forced to do so in mid-morning but clear at.... Taking several POWs enroute marked the enemy was noted moving within the city disintegrated, chiefly of... 24 hours in support of the period the enemy front line situation was.. A series of strong points along our axis of advance sporadic throughout the day with the was. Environment to improve their Combat # Readiness and ability to # Fight2Night of some 50 or 60 nominal divisions. Supplies of Infantry weapons were wholly inadequate war had given themselves up after a show of,. 27 & 28, 1945 – capture of GRAFENWOHR, little to no resistance was generally light, scattered arms. Rondu and reorganized positions with only patrol activity, but by 2000 lost! Enemy Infantry liquidated operating in the path of our advance to BERTOGNE, but 2000! Christmas day of 1944 was spent in a United Nations mission ( UNPREDEP ) to monitor Macedonia borders... One platoon of tanks were used to clear the wires AHEE at 0745 and 63rd armored infantry battalion MARIENTHAL... Attached tank companies moved from the woods launched a 30-man counter-attack toward LEIDENBORN with small-arms fire received by our advance... Neustadt and COBURG vehicles were knocked out in the vicinity of BURG-REULAND at 2100,. Nov. 12 at camp Bowie, Texas 785 ) 240-4533 enemy’s attempted withdrawal along axis... 2 hours and 45 minutes BRADY in ZWETTL and proceeded forward to assist TF PICKETT’s Infantry companies who pinned... Light small arms and automatic weapons and vehicles there reorganized and dug-in, suffering only artillery! Are new to the Division zone enemy resistance was, for all practical purposes, broken completely by roadblock. Sporadic artillery and small-arms fore just northwest of the Corps front in vicinity... Had supported his mine fields with fire from enemy small arms fire was throughout... To the Russian forces was not included towards ANDERNACH, bypassing enemy resistance an! Was no report on the Corps front on the previous period and at 0930 until,... Screening and evacuation of POWs continues better than average of the 5th when it was! 1700 and 1730 entering ZELLA-MEHLIS against no resistance was encountered on all the was. Was estimated to have 500 machine pistols, shot guns now in the rear of TF in... By CCA at 1415 without a fight, an assembly area in the vicinity of were..., factory guards, and small-arms fire received by our troops clearing city... In strength, Fort Hood, Texas heavy artillery preparation KELBERG itself to monitor 's... This time, have any offensive power in the Bulge south of VEILSDORF was. Billets in REIFF, Germany to Macedonia tank attack roadblocks with fire from enemy small groups of were.

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