DIRECTIONS. To make it, all you need are … In a blender combine strawberries, milk, yogurt, sugar and vanilla. Simple Strawberry Smoothie with Yogurt Tips and Tricks. If you’re still not sure, make this recipe and taste it. If the smoothie isn't the right consistency, add a little extra fruit or ice to make it thicker. Feel free to swap out the coconut milk for another nut milk you prefer, such as cashew milk or almond milk. In this recipe two classics- chocolate smoothie and strawberry smoothie come together for a tastier and more decadent drink! Its pink color makes it perfect for a Valentine's Day morning treat. And I’m usually throwing all sorts of weird things into smoothies in the name of health, like beets or spinach or cauliflower.But sometimes the simplest flavors are also great, so today we’re whipping up a simple Strawberry Smoothie recipe! If you prefer you can use milk, coconut water, or almondmilk. It is just such a fresh flavor profile, the perfect way to start the day in the spring time. I know that most of us so often make do with what we have on hand when it comes to cooking and this smoothie for kids makes the most of that by giving you lots of options! This simple Strawberry Smoothie is a refreshing reminder that basic can be beautiful. Cover & blend until smooth. Do try my easy recipe for this strawberry chocolate smoothie and enjoy. A strawberry smoothie recipe is a great basic smoothie recipe, much like my Banana Smoothie recipe and is a wonderful way to begin your family on smoothies. Use slightly frozen fruit to give the smoothie a thicker consistency. Strawberry Banana Smoothie We love this delicious, classic combo of strawberries and banana made even better because of the chia seeds, which offer heart … This recipe makes the best strawberry smoothie and only requires 3 simple ingredients. Strawberry Smoothie Recipe. The Best Strawberry Smoothie. Whee! Strawberry smoothie recipes. Serves 1. So I told my kids to start making smoothies after school. The strawberry smoothie begins by adding 1 ½ cups of water into a high powered blender. Enjoy immediately, or place in an airtight jar and refrigerate for a few hours. And it has DOUBLE the flavor of regular smoothies. You can definitely make this recipe with fresh or frozen strawberries. Try varieties with banana, blueberries and avocado for a filling breakfast. It is one of the most popular low calorie and low fat smoothie recipes in the world and is usually one of the first smoothie … Strawberry and Banana Facts. Strawberry smoothie with frozen strawberry, almond milk, banana and a secret ingredient for a nutrition punch. Even with such a seemingly basic recipe, there’s actually a trick that makes some strawberry smoothies taste better than others. The trick is to use frozen strawberries instead of adding ice, because this will result in a thicker and creamier smoothie with a much deeper strawberry flavor. For a thicker smoothie, add a few handfuls of ice. It requires only 3 ingredients. Most kids love strawberries and can make a smoothie on their own. This simple smoothie recipe is easy to customize and makes a delicious and refreshing vegan, keto, Whole30 or paleo breakfast or snack. Healthy Strawberry Smoothie. simple strawberry smoothie recipe This super simple strawberry smoothie recipe is loved by adults and kids alike, and includes ingredients most people have on hand. This simple plant-based alternative to a strawberry milkshake has passed the taste test with Jackson and Clare, my kids, and their friends—so trust me, it’s a winner! Although I look forward to strawberry season every year, please be assured this is an all year smoothie!. I like to chill mine in the fridge for a few minutes to make it cold. The first recipe is a strawberry smoothie with oatmeal that is so hearty and delicious, that we’ve already made it a few times in the last month. Strawberries are a naturally cholesterol-free fruit and one serving (8 strawberries) has more Vitamin C than an orange.. One serving of strawberries has only 50 calories and contains beneficial amounts of Vitamin C, potassium and fiber and block cancer-causing substances as well as retroviruses. Place evaporated milk, strawberries, & yogurt in blender. Here in this smoothie also they pair up beautifully. The ingredients can be changed to suit your taste or diet. For a vegan strawberry blueberry smoothie, use almond milk. You can use fresh strawberries when they are in season. It’s healthy, cool, and creamy, offers protein and nutrients, and it’s friendly, fruity flavor and pretty pink color makes it widely appealing, whether you are blending it up for kids or for yourself. Add all ingredients in the order listed: ¾ cup unsweetened non-dairy milk, banana, strawberries, protein powder (if using), ¼ cup milk and ice cubes (if using). 1 (10-12oz) package frozen strawberries (can also use fresh hulled, but then add 4-6 ice cubes as well) 1 cup vanilla yogurt (I used Greek vanilla, but regular works, too (plain is also fine!)) 11 Items Magazine subscription – save 32% and get a three-tier steamer worth £44.99 Pack in your five-a-day with these strawberry smoothie recipes. 3. You all know how I love smoothies. As the recipe is written, this smoothie is gluten free. This recipe for strawberry smoothie is really very simple. Toss in the ice. This Strawberry Smoothie is deliciously creamy, healthy, nutritious and so easy to make with only 5 ingredients.It’s made with just 5 ingredients like fresh or frozen strawberries, dairy-free milk and is full of fiber and protein. This is my family's favorite smoothie recipe because: 1. Blend until smooth and creamy. 1/2 cup milk (or more to taste (any kind works – skim, 2%, whole, almond)) 1 tablespoon maple syrup (OR honey OR white sugar) This smoothie is also known as Chocolate Dipped Strawberry. This is the blender I use to make my smoothies. Feel free to boost it with your favorite protein powder. To fill up their bellies until dinner while we are working. The best part is you can enjoy it all year round using frozen strawberries, you won't be able to tell the difference. How to make a strawberry smoothie. Simple Strawberry Banana Smoothie. It can be part of a low-carb, keto, Atkins, gluten-free, grain-free, or Banting diet. There is even a dairy-free option. 4. I like to keep it simple and lower in calories, so I use filtered water. I can't think of many more tempting flavor combinations than strawberry, mint, and lime. Unless you have a super-duper fancy blender, defrost the fruit just to the point that you can cut it with a knife. An easy Strawberry Banana Smoothie that has only three ingredients and takes less than five minutes to make?This dairy-free smoothie is kid-friendly, vegan and gluten-free! Strawberry Smoothie. If you’d like a thinner smoothie, splash in a bit more milk. These strawberry smoothie recipes are so good, you'll think you're drinking a milkshake. If you’re a chocolate lover, this is a great smoothie for you. I recommend using an unsweetened powder that has simple + pure ingredients. Swap the yogurt either for additional fruit (plus almond butter or vegan protein powder to make it more filling) or use a non-dairy yogurt. Recipe Adaptations. This Low-Carb Strawberry Smoothie makes a simple breakfast or snack. It’s thick and creamy. I hope you enjoy it! It’s easy to use, holds the perfect amount, and will auto-blend your smoothie until it’s finished all by itself! If your kids are anything like mine, they love all things strawberry, especially strawberry smoothies. Strawberry chocolate is a totally winning combo always, be it in ice cream, cake or cookies. Check out our base recipe, complete with four stupid-simple ways to upgrade it. 2. This simple strawberry smoothie with mint has only 6 ingredients, is a high protein smoothie recipe, and will totally make you feel like you're on vacation! Pour into glasses and serve. You can start with the main smoothie recipe, then change and customize it to add nutrients, flavors, other fruits, and even veggies. The strawberry jam makes ALL the difference!

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